Thanks to Myth Division’s research and development support, the mission is right on schedule, but we’re running out of time to train. That’s why we want you to mint your Waifu Warrior with confidence.


No Anonymity

The Executive team at Myth Division believes in their work and want the world to invest their energy in their magical story worlds without trepidation or fear that a rug pull is coming.

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The path of the Warrior is full of trials and tribulations. But to hone the skills needed, sparring and practice is required. There will be quests and battles ahead based on a Waifu Warrior’s Talents.


Smart Contract

Myth Division’s Smart Contract is designed specifically for the task at hand so that you can summon your Warrior with the knowledge that there is no “lazy” minting, here.  We customized the contract to support this mission.



What NFT Roadmap would be complete without some plan for a game? We begin modestly in The Sandbox, crafting a world for you to play, fight and earn.  Prepare for Battle!


A Metaverse Multiverse

The various parallel identities of the Waifu Warriors grant a unique opportunity for timeline upgrades and singularities. You will experience new adventures based on old burning mechanics.

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